Business Provider Operation

Business Provider

Needs of companies developing and distributing.

Business Provider for S!Appli is a hosting service that enables distribution of S!Appli through appropriate method suitable for the needs of companies developing and distributing S!Appli for end users with Softbank cell phones.

Business Provider for S!Appli offers reasonable fee plans for diverse service menus responding to the various needs of individual companies, such as the wish for development staff to try S!Appli downloads in a closed environment, the wish to distribute group ware to be used by company staff via cell phone, or the wish to distribute S!Appli to the general public.

Mobile application S!Appli corresponding to Softbank Mobile cell phones cannot be transmitted to cell phones through conventional servers (servers used by customers or rental servers). This service examines customer's S!Appli by content aggregator certified by Softbank Mobile Company and uploads to the content aggregator managed server, thereby enabling S!Appli distribution to cell phones.

Use Business Provider S!Appli for S!Appli distribution, the only certified content aggregator in Japan (*1).

*1: The Technical Specification page of S!Appli distribution method in the Softbank Mobile website lists three companies as certified content aggregators; however, the other two companies have terminated the service, and currently, the only company providing the service to companies and developers is our company. (As of the end of December 2013)

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