1999 September Starts initiation project "Spicyburger Software"
November Establishes Spicysoft Corporation (Shinjuku-ku)
2000 April Releases Calendar Software for PC
2001 January Launches Mobile Application Distribution Business "AppliGet"
2002 March Establishes Content Aggregator Agreement tied with J-PHONE
LaunchesCommences "J AppliGet"
2003 October Launches "AppliGet EZ"
Conducts renewal of "AppliGet V"
2004 February Launches V appli "Business Provider", V Appli hosting service.
April Launches "AppliRegi", carrier charge settlement service for V Appli
October Relocates to Kikyoya Bldg. in Ichigaya (Chiyoda-ku) for business expansion
2005 April Begins publication of mobile phone game periodical "AppliGet"
2006 March Launches i-mode on-deck site "AppliGet DX" service
2007 February Holds application contest for au open applications
Establishes AppliGet as off-deck site menu version for au
2008 November Launches "AppliGet DX" service for Yahoo! Mobile on-deck site
December Launches "AppliGet DX" service for e-mobile on-deck site
2009 April Launches "AppliGet DX" service for Ezweb on-deck site
June Launches "AppliGet DX" service for WILLCOM on-deck site
October Establishes affiliate company LIRENEO SOFT
2010 July Launches "Bike Rider ZERO" service as official game site
September Launches "AppliGet For android" service
2011 February Launches social game "Bike Rider~Social"
March Launches Android game review site "AppliGet" service
December Releases collaboration with Toei Company "Kamen Rider Fourze × Bike Rider"
2012 March Releases the newest Bike Rider for Smartphone, "Bike Rider DX" with collaboration music with capsule.
July Launches card-battle type social game "Kidatsu! Dungeons Load"
December Releases collaboration with Toei Company "Kamen Rider Wizard × Bike Rider"
Releases "Bike Rider DX" for Nintendo 3DS
2013 February Transfers social game operation to Fields Corporation
May Transfers Manga-related operation to ComiC Smart Inc.
June Releases "Bike Rider DX" forto PlayStation® Mobile
August Releases "Bike Rider DX" at North and South America, Europe and South Africa
November Relocates to Nishi-Shinjuku (Shinjuku-ku) for business expansion
December Merges with LIRENEO SOFT
Releases "Bike Rider DX2 Galaxy" for Nintendo 3DS

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