MangaGet to Be Exhibited in the World's Largest Mobile Conference "Mobile World Congress 2012" Aiming for Worldwide Development of Web Manga

Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Motoyasu Yamada, President), which operates "MangaGet", the manga comic posting and sharing platform, exhibits works in the world's largest mobile communications conference "Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012" held in Barcelona from February 27.

The 4 days the mobile industry pays most attention to; 1,400 companies exhibited works and 60,000 people visited last year.

"MWC" is the world's largest exhibition in the mobile communications industry. It is held every February, where lectures are given by key persons in the industry, presentations of the latest products, etc. are made and leaders and celebrities on the Internet and in the entertainment world as well as mobile communications companies and mobile equipment vendors gather. Companies are expected to announce new products concurrently with MWC this year as well, which is attracting attention at a very high level.

MWC 2011 displayed works by 1,400 companies and had 60,000 visitors, and it was last year that MangaGet started to be exhibited in MWC.

Aiming for Worldwide Development of Web Manga

MangaGet aims for worldwide development of web manga. In this exhibition, we will demonstrate MangaGet and conduct negotiations with localization partners for MangaGet.

Although there have been attempts to deliver Japanese manga as electronic books abroad, manga remain a one-way delivery from Japan, and in addition, it cannot be said that attempts to deliver manga other than adult contents are successful. MangaGet is aiming to create an environment in which manga artists all over the world can deliver wholesome manga to manga fans throughout the world.

Exhibition Outline

Period: February 27, 2012 - March 1, 2012
Venue: Barcelona, Spain
Booth: 7A98
Host: GSMA

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