Commenced provision of API with information about popular Android game ranking "AppliGet": Website for PC also released.

Strengthening ties of partner media "AppliGet" and "MangaGet," we have commenced provision of API with independently tabulated popular Android game ranking.
~PC version website also released.~
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Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, hereunder referred to as Spicysoft) is a company managing a review website for Android game application, "AppliGetR," and "MangaGetR," manga comic posting and sharing platform. In order to strengthen ties with its partners, Spicysoft will begin provision of API on which AppliGet and MangaGet data can be freely used on a site targeting API partners.

Starting September 8th, popular Android game ranking independently tabulated by AppliGet will be delivered both on the API and PC sites.

The first phase begins with popular Android game ranking! A total of 6 types of ranking according to free or fee-based games.

There will be six types of rankings: Monthly ranking (free / fee), Weekly ranking (free / fee) and Flash ranking (free / fee), each providing the information of top 100 games.

In addition to the ranking information, we will commence the provision of "Ranking Trend Commentary by the Editorial Office" and "Booming Games" with information about new games and a pickup of games attracting attention by their rapid rise in ranking.
Just by integrating API, partners can enhance their contents for Android users without the need for investment in production and development. API can be used via the "Site for AppliGet Partners."


"Site for Appli & MangaGet API Partners"

Partner Site

Ranking Review / Booming Games

Disclosure of AppliGet for PC websites.

"AppliGet" specializes in fun games played throughout the world and introduces games selected from among all the games available in the Android market. We have reviewed over 1,800 games in and outside Japan.
In line with strengthened ties with our partners, we have opened a website for PCs, in order that partners who distribute information via PC can freely use the data provided on AppliGet.

PC Site TOP Page

Contact regarding this news release

We are ready to offer help in wide ranging areas in order to support creators and their creative activities and for the development of the entertainment industry. Individuals (bloggers, students, etc.), corporate bodies (media, publishers, production, educational institutes, etc.) are welcome to make inquiries regarding our service.

Company name: Spicysoft Corporation, Public Relations (Sakamori)
TEL: +81-(0)3-3239-1867
FAX: +81-(0)3-3239-1868

*Request to add material (screen shots, detailed data, etc.) and other questions.
*Information about rankings and reviews by AppliGet are provided via media such as Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines free of charge. (some are provided for a fee)

*Spicysoft is ready to respond to requests for interviews, presentations and speeches regarding Internet, mobile, applications, games and manga comics by our president, CTO, and editors for AppliGet and MangaGet. We also dispatch staff to teach classes or to sponsor and/or participate in school festivals free of charge. Visit the Spicysoft's "publicity" website to learn more about our activities.

*Spicysoft's mission is to support creators and we are ready to cooperate through arranging appointments and conducting interviews with creators whose work has been picked up in our media or posted on our platform.

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