The Bike Rider iPhone application received Mobile Project Award 2011, Award of Excellence.

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Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, hereunder referred to as Spicysoft) is a company managing a review website for Android game application, AppliGet®, and manga comic posting and sharing platform, MangaGet®. Bike Rider, an iPhone application developed jointly with LIRENEO SOFT, Inc. (Chiyoda Ward, Yuta Hoshino, President, hereunder referred to as LIRENEO SOFT), received the Award of Excellence in the Mobile Contents Division of Mobile Project Award 2011.

Award for great achievement of making mobile phone content hit even for smart phones.

The "Bike Rider" iPhone application was developed from the "Bike Rider" mobile phone application, which had a total of 15 million downloads in Japan. The iPhone version became a huge hit in race-game application ranking No.1 in 44 countries including the U.S.

The award applauds that the application became the precedent that shows the mobile content developed in Japan can gain global popularity.

Regarding an application "Bike Rider" ranking top in 44 countries.

"Bike Rider" is a one-key game in which a bicycle runs, jumps and climbs over mountains and cliffs. In 2007, a college student Yuta Hoshino, also known as "Gomidouji," (Photo↓) created and posted "Bike Rider®" on AppliGet. That same year, he posted a sequel, "Bike Rider® 2nd," which became a big hit particularly among high school students.

In the summer of the same year, under the user collaboration plan, the "Bike Rider® Zenkoku-isshuu" (Ride around Japan) featured in the bimonthly mobile application magazine "AppliGet®" published by Spicysoft, was delivered as a commercial product on Docomo's official site "AppliGet®DX."

Today, the application is delivered as a mobile application, including i-appli for Docomo, S!-appli for Softbank, BREW-appli for au. The game is also delivered in Flash version corresponding to 3-carrier, and as a social game in a smartphone version for iPhone and Android.

In the approximately four years since the game was first released, the total number of downloads exceeded 15 million, making it the biggest mobile game application hit.

"I am very happy to receive such a prestigious award. Bike Rider's winning high praise for the smartphone tells me that fun is the essence of mobile games. I hope that smartphone applications developed in Japan will spread throughout the world by using this opportunity as a booster. I hope to continue to create more games that thoroughly explore the fun." (Mr. Hoshino)

Mobile Project Award 2011 Ceremony

Date: May 25, 2011 (Wed) 6:30 pm ~ 8:00 pm (Venue opens at 6:10 pm)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, 7F Conference Room, International Conference Room

Mobile Project Award 2011

(Official Name: MCF Mobile Project Award 2011)
■Host: MCF Mobile Project Award Committee
■Review committee members
Review committee Chairman
Hitotora Higashikuni, Professor at Tokyo University of Science (Mobile Contents Forum Consultant)

Review committee members

Osamu Sonobe, Editor-in-chief, ITmedia + D Mobile
Endo Satoshi, Director, ASCII Media Works Inc.
Mitsuhiro Sugahara, President, Global Ace Co., Ltd.
Shuichi Iizuka, President, Info-Sharing Business Institute, Ltd.
Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, Editor-in-chief, Monthly magazine "Telecommunication"
Junya, Ishino, Mobile phone journalist
Hisashi Kamio, Communication and ITS journalist
Yuichi Kogure, Mobile phone researcher, Assistant professor of Musashino Gakuin University
Takamasa Kishihara, Managing director, General incorporated association, Mobile Content Forum
Hiroyuki Maegawa, Secretariat, General incorporated association, Mobile Content Forum

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