You can receive the reward for posting your manga comic on "MangaGet." Over 400 manga comic authors registered in three days from official opening!

Number of manga comic authors registered for "MangaGet," managed by Spicysoft Corporation (hereunder referred to as Spicysoft) (Head Office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo), has exceeded 400 on Friday, August 22, 2008.

Spicysoft is a company supporting individual creators!
It is the creator, not the company that comes up with the idea and develops games. Spicysoft offers a content delivery platform to create a society in which individual creators are the central players for their own game brand.

Exceeded 400 registered manga comic authors within 3 days of official opening!!

"MangaGet" that commenced service of closed β version on Monday, July 7, 2008, reached 300 registered manga comic authors in approximately one month, in spite of it being an invitation system. Within just 3 days of its official opening on Tuesday, August 19, 2008, registered author exceeded 400. There are 950 manga comics currently delivered and some comics are read by 25,000 viewers within 10 days after posting on "MangaGet," meaning that there are 10 times more readers on the web than in bookstores. The number of registered manga comic authors is increasing steadily, and is expected to exceed 1,000 during the month of September.

Reward for manga comic authors.

Manga comic authors accumulate points from viewing by their fans. Advertising profit from MangaGet is distributed monthly to manga comic authors according to points. Spicysoft aims to distribute enough rewards to individual authors to enable them to make a living.

Unique Manga Conversion System.

"MangaGet" PC site features unique image processing technology which makes it possible for manga comics uploaded by individual manga comic authors to be read on a mobile phone in approximately 30 seconds. It automatically corrects images, recognizes frames, performs layout, enlarges and reduces, and sets scroll, and creators can manually edit their manga comics after the conversion. Manga conversion system is provided free of charge and creators' copyright will remain with the creator.

Outline of MangaGet.

1. Possible for individual manga comic authors to post on a mobile site.
Using Spicysoft compiler, manga comic posted on the MangaGet PC site are automatically converted to mobile manga comic in just 30 seconds and posted on the mobile phone site.

2. Users can read all the manga they wish, free of charge.
Users can read the manga comic posted by manga comic authors and post their comments and reviews.

3. Free SNS linking manga comic authors and users.
Users can freely communicate with their favorite manga comic authors.

Background of the Commencement of the Service.

There are many manga comic authors, both professionals and amateurs; yet, the places to present their works are extremely limited. Official mobile comic sites restrict the category of comics and the fees required are much higher than the paper published manga comics, which makes it difficult to attract large numbers of readers. "MangaGet" is established as a place for individual manga comic authors to present their works, where users can read manga comic anytime, anywhere from their mobile phones. In doing so, Spicysoft aims to create mobile manga comic culture.


Japan's electronic comic market has made a rapid growth to 19 billion yen, approximately 5 times the 4 billion yen marked in 2005. In 2007, the market growth rate doubled from the previous year. In line with the expansion of the mobile manga comic market, advertising income for "MangaGet" has increased, in turn, allocation of profit to individual authors is also expected to increase.

To enter MangaGet site.

MangaGet URL
MangaGet Author Site URL

User fee: Free
Corresponding carriers: NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i/700i~, Softbank 3G~, au WIN or later
Business commencement: 2008
Number of corresponding carrier: 3
Number of free manga comic registered: 247 works, 976 stories
Number of authors: 403

What is AppliGet?

User fee: Free
Corresponding carrier: NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i~, Softbank 3G~, au WIN and onward
Business commencement: 2001
Number of corresponding carrier: 3
Number of registered free applications: 7,863
Number of users: 2,500,000
Number of creators: 3,411

AppliGet supports the creative activities of individual creators.

It is the largest mobile application delivering and sharing mobile 2.0 service managed by Spicysoft where creators can act as central players of creating in their own brands. It is ranked No.2 (*1) for mobile game site and ranked within top 10 (*2) as the service used by men between 10 and 19.

*1 *2 source: Impress R&D, Mobile Content Individual Use Trend Report 2008

What is AppliGet DX?

User fee: 210 yen per month
Corresponding terminal: FOMA900i series or later

i-mode official site for AppliGet. The site delivers strategy for i-appli games, undercover interview of game companies, and posting of one free creator game each week.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name: Spicysoft Corporation
Head Office Location: Kikyoya Bldg. 4F 2-7-1 Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: November 1999

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Contact regarding this press releases.

Spicysoft Corporation
Contact person: Kuniomi Takahashi
TEL: +81-(0)3-3239-1867

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